Welcome. Zola’u nìprrte.

I’m starting this blog as a way of expounding on more and more of my analytical views on film, television, and books. Now that I feel that I’m finally “old enough” to have an opinion, and am well-educated and well-viewed/well-read enough to have something to say, and in this glorious age of the Internet I don’t need my own magazine, newspaper, or literary journal/publishing house in order to share my thoughts with others. And recently I’ve actually found myself missing writing papers.

A few ground rules. I delight in good discussion or debate about things, whatever thing is the current topic of conversation; however, I do not suffer fools at all. If it pleases you, read that last sentence in Sir John Gielgud’s voice as Hobson from Arthur and then go screw yourself. I make frequent references to cultural and pop-cultural things and not always with quotation marks and attributions, so beware.

The language used herein will be open; I censor myself at my pleasure and my pleasure alone.

I censor everyone else at my pleasure as well. If you cannot determine the level of behavior required to converse based on the context of my writing and your surroundings here, then you probably don’t belong here. Knowing the difference between constructive criticism, criticism, and banshee-wailing is your best defense against being told in no uncertain terms what a cretin you are. In layman’s terms; I don’t tolerate crap, and if you can’t behave, out you go.

But BEHAVE, what does that MEAN, here in this day and age when a walking sore like Donald Trump can actually think he’ll be President?

It means this.

This is my space. Mine. If you come here, you’re entering my house, so to speak. I permit you to enter with the expectation that you’ll behave like an adult with at least some sense. I don’t expect anyone to like all the things I like, but I do expect that if you don’t like something that I do, that you will not make yourself an obnoxious asshole about it. That goes just as much for the “You suck!” crowd as the “Well, I don’t like Star Trek at all and I can’t see why anyone with a brain would like it but if you like it okay, then” folks. If you’re here just to respond with negativity that you have no intention of changing, don’t even start. Just look at my post, shake your head, flip it off, scream at it, I don’t care, but don’t waste your time and mine telling me why I’m wrong, why my interpretation is wrong, why yours is the only right one, etc. I get it, and I don’t care.

If you have a different interpretation, or a different view, does this mean you can’t share it with me? I would hope that you’re not so easily scared away. If it comes from a position of opening dialogue, or sharing a contrary view, or countering an analysis with details that I might have overlooked, bring it. It’s all the manner in which you come at me, if you do. Otherwise, or if you’re not sure, then discretion might be the better part of valor.

All this is, of course, not intended to scare anyone away. Just to lay down the basics right off, so that later on no one can accuse me of not being clear.


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